Fall luncheon 2018

Our fall luncheon started off by pinning three new members.   We are delighted to have them join us.

We then enjoyed a delicious salmon lunch, followed by wonderful music by vocalist Nicole Lisa Craig and Donald Quan on violin and tabla drums.

Check out our upcoming program for more interesting afternoons.

3 new members
Pinning new members
Nicole Lisa Craig
enjoying the music
Enjoying the music
Donald and his instruments
Donald and his instruments

Program for 2018-2019

October 12, 2018 Fall Luncheon

Nicole Lisa Craig will entertain us with her musical talents, blending elements of folk, adult contemporary, classical and soft pop vocals.  Reservation required.

November 9, 2018 Tea

Thanh Campbell was the 32nd orphan airlifted form Vietnam on April 12, 1975.  There were 56 other babies airlifted as well.  Thanh will talk about his life in Canada, tracking down the other orphans, and re-uniting with his family.

December 7 2018 Holiday Luncheon

Elder statesmen Retro Ramblers will entertain us with their wonderful four-part harmonies.   Reservation required.

January 18, 2019 Tea

Gary Hines has been an air traffic controller at Pearson Airport for several years, and he will talk to us about what goes on “up there in the tower”.

February 8, 2019 Tea

The costume lady is back!  Lianne Harris will regale us with her version of the 1920s.  This will be a fun afternoon.

March 8, 2019 Tea

Kathleen Powell is supervisor of Historical Services in St. Catharines, and she will speak to us about the history of the Welland Canal and the fallen workers who helped build it.

April 12, 2019 Spring Luncheon

Once again we will be entertained by musicians from the famed Humber Music School.  Reservation required.

All luncheons and teas are preceded by half an hour of social time.  Luncheons begin at 12:00, teas at 1:30, at Markland Wood Golf Club.  Luncheons are $45 for members and guests, teas are $10 for guests.

For reservations or more information, please call Jo Shapiro, 416-622-2421, or email her at joshapiro100@gmail.com.



April 2018 Luncheon

We were treated to some wonderful jazz music by three very talented musicians from the Humber College School of Music.  Christopher Tufaro on piano, Erik Larson on bass and David Steinmetz on drums had us tapping our feet for a whole hour, listening to the great old standards and a few new pieces as well.  They were a wonderful finale to our season, and we look forward to getting together again in October.

March 2018 Tea

John Beeden 1aJohn's boatJohn in boat

Some of his supplies
Some of his supplies

The route

We were enthralled by our speaker this month, listening to him tell of his adventures at sea.  In 2011 at the age of 53, John Beeden rowed solo across the Atlantic Ocean, in a 20 foot boat, by himself, in 53 days.  He set a record for the second fastest time to do that.

If that wasn’t enough, in 2015, at the age of 56, he rowed solo across the Pacific Ocean – 11,300 km. as the crow flies (he didn’t get to take that route), spending 4,320 hours at sea or 7 1/2 months.  He fought wind and waves in an effort to stay on course, but the cross currents across the Equator cost him valuable kilometres and time.  His photos and video were positively amazing.  John spent an hour answering our questions, and we learned just how dedicated he is to an adventurous life.

In 2019 he intends to row the Atlantic again, this time with his daughter on board.  His next adventure after that will be to row the Indian Ocean, where currents and weather are devilish.   We wish him well on these trips.



February 2018 Tea


Our speaker this month was Canadian author and humourist Terry Fallis, who kept us in stitches all afternoon.  He talked about writing his six books, then read some passages from his new book One Brother Shy, which made us want to read more of this book and his other works.  Terry has won the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour twice, and it’s no wonder – he has a very droll and subtle sense of humour which shines through in all his books.

Group shot

Darlene and Ruth
Darlene and Ruth appreciating Terry’s presentation.

book sale

Thursday Book Group

book group lunch Jan 25

Our meeting this month discussed the Terry Fallis book Up and Down.  Before the discussion we enjoyed a beautiful lunch, courtesy of our hostess.  She has really raised the bar for those of us who follow – we don’t ordinarily nibble this well!

We are looking forward to having Terry speak to the entire membership in February – it should be a lively meeting, as his writing style is humorous yet heartfelt.


Magical Tea January 18th

Our entertainment this month was magician James Alan, and he did not disappoint.  He amused us, he amazed us!  He had us laughing, and mystified, saying “What??  Where did that come from?” several times, and applauding like mad for his repartee and clever sleight of hand.  He classifies his performances as “deception as art”.  We were not more than four feet from him in the front row, and STILL could not see how he made things appear and disappear.   It was a delightful afternoon.  He performs regularly in Toronto – he would be worth seeing again.

We also pinned a new member today, Pratima Jaideva.  We welcome her into the Club and hope she enjoys her time with us.